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Molapo Private offers unparalleled, exclusive connection to Southern Africa’s largest zebra and wildebeest migration behind the dramatic backdrop of the Boteti River Valley.


Molapo shares the land between the Okavango, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and Chobe National Park proving a paramount stay for safari goers looking for a private safari experience.  


The Luxury tented camp sit within a 770 hectare private tribal reserve within the Makgadikgadi National Park which was converted from farming to wildlife by Chief Ngande of Khumaga Village in the early 80’s. 


The concession boasts exclusive safari activities and year round access to Southern Africas largest Zebra and Wildebeest migration, masses of Elephants, Lion, Leopard and Wild Dog. 



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Molapo Private will offers an exclusive, practical and eco-friendly space that has been thoughtfully designed to provide you with the utmost comfort and convenience to maximise your safari. 


Our 8 bed, luxury tented camp overlooks the sweeping views, of the Boteti River Valley in the Makgadikgadi National Park.


    •  8x en suite double serviced thatched rooms

  • Private wildlife viewing deck at each room

  • Bedroom, bathroom and living area

  • Private plunge pools 

  • Suitable for family groups & children

  • Baby sitting service available

  • Daily laundry 

The Boteti River Valley is one of the most densely populated and abundant wildlife areas in Africa.


Migratory Zebra and Wildebeest utilise the only available water source in the Boteti River Valley during the winter months accumulating in their thousands in front of the camp. During the green breeding season (November - May) the migration makes the relentless journey across the desert to fertile grazing in the east of the National Park. Dry season in the Boteti River Valley (June - November) sees Molapo Tented Camp enjoying some of the best wildlife viewing in the world. Zebra & Wildebeest are a plenty, along with a myriad of other species including Elephant, big cats and Wild Dogs. 


Resident and migratory species of mammals, birds and reptiles can also be seen on our game drives, walks and within spectacular view from the comfort of the private camp.  The Boteti River also sustains populations of resident Kudu, Impala, Giraffe, Duiker, Steenbok and a healthy population of Elephants. 


The Makgadikgadi National Park brings countless opportunities to view and photograph large concentrations of wildlife, while experiencing the remote and unexpected beauty of the Salt Pan itself on one of our stylish expeditions.



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  • Exclusive use tented camp for family groups and friends

  • Classic luxury tented camp with spectacular, private views of wildlife herds drinking and feeding along the river​​​​​

  • Child Rates:

    • Children under 6 years - (50%)

    • Children 6 - 16y sharing (80%)

  • Year round access to the Zebra & Wildebeest migration​​

  • Private vehicle, privately guided activities in National Park, Park and concession fees included

  • Powered by solar hybrid system which incorporates both solar energy and a back-up generator

  • Thermodynamic Solar Energy system ensuring hot water generation at all times